The 10-Minute Solution

To 10X’ing Your Website Leads

It’s kinda like Stalking Your Leads online…
But It’s Legal!

Ten Times the amount of leads as other websites


Identifies up to 30% of your unique anonymous website visitors


Fully Compliant in the USA.

Did you know that over 95% of your website visitors are anonymous?

You won’t even know they visited your site, let alone submitted their information!

The average website opt-in rate (form submitted) is 1.95%, which means for every 100 visitors that come to your site, only 2 of them will submit their information.

Even on a highly optimized site you can see upwards of 5% opt in from pure organic traffic, (ex. non paid traffic like google search).

But, what if you could capture up to 30% of all those anonymous website visitors?

With LeadStalk you can capture up to 30% of your anonymous website visitors (name, email & address) WITHOUT the user having to fill out a form

How It Works


Web Tracking

You simply add a unique code to your website that allows us to track anonymous visitors. Setup takes only a few minutes. Do it yourself, or have us install it for you!



The code identifies anonymous traffic Through a database of over 500 million people (and growing) and can accurately identify up to 30% of all US internet traffic.


You can easily integrate with your Email Marketing Service to send an immediate email to the lead, as well as send the data to your CRM, Spreadsheet, etc.. In Real Time!

What Information You’ll Get

First + Last Name
Landing Page URL On Your Site
Referring website (where they came from)
Opt-In Date

Data Reporting

As you can see, the system identifies website visitors daily, and suppresses visitors who you already have identified information, so your website won’t capture duplicate information


Data Delivery

Once an anonymous visitor is identified, you will receive a notification via email & text with the identified contact information. Your data will also be sent directly to an excel spreadsheet with all data in individual fields, for easy upload into your skip tracing platform of choice.

Minute:Pages Anonymous Lead Uo 10-15x the leads as other website builders.


Data Reporting

Best Use Cases:

Immediate Email Notification to identified lead.
Skip Trace Lead Information + Call The identified lead. Add lead via integration to CRM + Drip Sequence for follow up

Is This Really All Fully Compliant?

YES! This Service Maintains Strict Compliance With CCPA and CAN-SPAM and is 100% compliant with all applicable laws and regulations in the USA.

For form information, including both definitions of the laws and regulations and how they are relevant to Minute:Pages, click here.


Web Tracking

On average, users see 30% email open rates, high click-throughs, and low complaints when sending emails to leads captured by our system, due to the proprietary identification process and Activity-Based Data Filtering.

100% Compliant

This unique contact identification method is 100% Compliant in the USA and Is permission-based and built on a series of self-enrolled opt-ins. It complies with all applicable laws and regulations. All opt-in events are stored and have a robust opt-out infrastructure.

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