Minute:Pages & The Science Of Flipping

Minute:Pages & The Science Of Flipping

Minute:Pages Are High Converting Real Estate Websites That Capture Anonymous Website Visitors So You Can Generate More Leads And Close More Deals.
Minute:Pages Are High Converting Real Estate Websites That Capture Anonymous Website Visitors So You Can Generate More Leads And Close More Deals.

Why Minute Pages?

You can have a beautiful, mobile friendly, SEO optimized motivated seller Real Estate website in just a few minutes.
Easily customize to your brand with just a few clicks. Minute:Pages provides a source of warm & hot leads who are seeking you out and ready to sell!

Inbound Website


Warm-Hot Leads


Sellers Are Seeking You Out


Motivated Sellers


Ready to Sell

Outbound Lead


Cold Leads


You Are Seeking Out Sellers


Unmotivated Homeowner


Not Ready to Sell

Identify Anonymous Website Visitors


And significantly increase lead conversion by being able to contact & convert otherwise lost leads…
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98% of traffic that visits your site navigate away, and are never to be heard from again.
cost per lead
Minute:Pages, can identify up to 30% of those seller leads per month.


  • Emails Included
  • Integrate into CRM
  • Identify Name
  • Immediate Contact
  • Identify Address
  • Increase Conversion

How It works

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how works step

Step 1

Sign Up and Choose Your Website Template from our library
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Step 2

Easily Customize Your Site With Your Company Name, Branding Contact Info etc.
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Step 3

Launch Your Site… In Minutes & Start Generating Leads

Minute:Pages Features


FREE Hosting

Included in every Minute Pages website, is our state-of-the-art hosting, saving you hundreds of dollars per year, and ensures your site remains up and running at all times

Website Security Enabled

Each Minute Pages website includes an SSL certificate and high grade security built in to stop potential viruses or hacks, and ensures your lead’s data remains safe as well

Adaptive Design

Minute Pages templates were created to be highly converting, visually appealing, and feature adaptive mobile design to ensure your leads have a great mobile experience

SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important features of any website, and Minute Pages come SEO optimized and enabled to ensure your site gets seen online

Stunning Themes

Minute Pages look like custom built websites, because they are. Each one of our templates was created to make your site stand out, not fit in.

No Coding Required

No coding or special skills are needed to get your website up and running. We did the hard work, so you don’t have to. Minute Pages is user-friendly and easy to customize.
Simple Visual Editor

Powerful Minute:Pages
Motivated Seller Sites

With a simple drap & drop editor
Powerful Minute Pages Lead Sites
Minute Pages Generate Online

Minute:Pages Can Help you Generate More Leads Online

There’s no need to hire an expensive developer, or pay $100’s of dollars per month for other website builders. Minute:Pages is a high performance, real estate investor website builder that will help your real estate investing business generate more leads online.

Don’t Risk Losing $10k or more on a missed Real Estate Lead

Minute:Pages was created to capture leads that visit your webpage. However, not every website visitor will submit their information on your site. With Minute:Pages, you can capture those visitors’ email addresses so you can convert those anonymous visitors into leads and closed deals
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More Awesome Features

Converting Websites


With Minute:Pages, you won’t just get an awesome website. You’ll get the training and coaching to help drive consistent traffic to your website as well! We offer free training to all our members, and one on one coaching for those who want it.
Comprehensive Trainings


Our support team is always here to help. Whether you have a question about how to customize your website, connect a CRM, or just want to pop in and tell us how awesome we are, our live chat customer support team is here for you!
World-Class Support


One of the biggest SEO factors to help your website rank higher and drive more traffic is relevant, keyword focused and consistently updated content. With Minute Pages, your website will rank higher, generate more leads, all on autopilot.
Simple Powerful Lead Management


Does your business operate in multiple markets, or cities within your market? With Minute Pages you can create location specific landing page to increase your rankings and drive more traffic to your website in multiple markets.
Automated Content Marketing


Minute:Pages will notify you the moment you get a new lead and you can also integrate Minute Pages with your favorite CRM and 3rd party software. With Zapier, there are 1000’s of integrations you can setup
World-Class Support

Simple Visual Editor

With Minute:Pages, making updates and customizing your website is as simple with our drag and drop editor. Simply click on what you want to customize, and make your updates.

Increased Conversion On All Mobile Devices

Today, most people are visiting websites using mobile devices, which is why Minute:Pages sites are built with mobile responsive designs so they look as beautiful on a phone or tablet as they do on a desktop.
It’s not JUST about looking good, though, just like our desktop sites, Minute:Pages mobile site versions are optimized for conversion and today mobile friendly sites consistently generate more leads and conversions than desktop sites due to increased mobile device usage.