Batch Skip Tracing For Real Estate Investing

Batch Skip Tracing For Real Estate Investing

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Benefits of Batch Skip Tracing for Real Estate Investing

Real Estate investors spend thousands of dollars each month on marketing for seller leads. But your marketing is only as good as your data. Without quality data, your thousands of dollars marketing for sellers leads go to waste. This is Where batch skip tracing for real estate comes into play. Using batch skip tracing methods, you can find information on property owners fast. Not only can you find owners of properties, using batch skip tracing for real estate investing  can help you find next of kin, llc’s, and owners of llc’s. Batch skip Tracing also provides multiple numbers for each property you skip trace so you can be sure to have plenty of contact numbers to be sure you can reach the homeowner and get the property under contract.

The real estate market is very competitive, which is why using a quality batch skip tracing service is more important than ever. Think about this: in a competitive market, many real estate investors are going after houses with similar criteria. Therefore, if a handful of investors are trying to find owner information on the same houses, it would stand to reason that the more accurate data you are able to get for those properties, the better contact rates you will have, and the higher your conversion will be. So, in order to ensure you are the investor in your market that is getting the most deals, make sure you’re getting the best data to start with, by using quality batch skip tracing services.

Not only is batch skip tracing important for real estate investing, so is single skip tracing. Often times you will need to use batch skip tracing to pull homeowner information on a large list of properties. However, other times you may have a couple specific properties that you need to locate the owners of, and don’t necessarily need batch skip tracing. In this case, a single skip tracing service can be beneficial. If you are driving for dollars, or run across an empty property while driving through a neighborhood, and you want to find the homeowner information quickly, you don’t need to use a batch skip tracing service, you will want to use a skip tracing service that allows you to run a single skip trace. Makes sense, right? Single skip tracing services definitely have their place

batch skip tracing real estate investingin real estate investing, as does batch skip tracing. The only difference is the quantity of skip traces being performed at a time. The old way of finding a property owner of a vacant property, or rundown property, or other property in a distressed situation is no longer as efficient. While you are spending your time trying to track down a property owner on social media, google their information and hope you find the right contact info, your competitor is using single or batch skip tracing to locate property owner information quickly and accurately. The difference between you getting a deal, or your competitor getting a deal, comes down to how quickly you can locate the property owner, and how accurate the information is that you get. So, when doing so, just make sure you are using a single or batch skip tracing service with high accuracy.


 What is the cost of batch skip tracing? 

The cost of batch skip tracing services differs. as does the quality of the data provided by the batch skip tracing provider. You can find batch skip tracing services for as low as a few cents, and in some cases up to 20c or more per record in bulk. I don’t recommend using a batch skip tracing service that charges you only a few cents, nor would I recommend using a batch skip tracing service that charges you 20c either. Quality batch skip tracing isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Often batch skip tracing services will offer discounts based on the quantity of records being skip traced.

A single skip Trace can range from .50c up to $.1.00 or more. Batch skip tracing usually ranges between 10-15c depending on the quality of the provider. Don’t be fooled by batch skip tracing services offering cheap skip tracing services. If you pay discount pricing, you usually get discount services, and when using batch skip tracing for real estate investing, you want the best data possible so you can get in touch with the property owners quickly in order to get a deal before your competitor. The provider you use for single or batch skip tracing for real estate investing can be the difference between getting a deal, or not.

Quick and Accurate

Another benefit of using batch skip tracing for real estate investing is that it is quick and efficient to get you the information you need. Whether it is to make a phone call to a single seller, or getting quick results on a large list for cold calling, ringless voicemail, or voice broadcasting, a good batch skip tracing service will get you the date you need quickly, and with high accuracy. The sooner you are able to get a hold of the property owner using batch skip tracing, or single skip tracing, the better your chances of making contact and getting a deal under contract!


Effective Follow Up

Not all leads turn into deals right away. In fact, most don’t. So, what do you do AFTER you have reached the sellers, but didn’t lock up a deal? Once you have used a batch skip tracing service to locate those hard to reach sellers, and have done the heavy lifting, you want to make sure you have a system in place for follow up with the sellers down the line. Since you have accurate contact information from your batch skip tracing service, you’ll want to use by putting the sellers information in a good CRM system that can do the follow up for you, called drip sequences. These drip sequences automate the process of follow up by sending the property owners a series of messages over a period of time, via email and text, as well as in some cases ringless voicemail as well. These drip sequences can range from a month, to a year or more. As long as the batch skip tracing service you used to get the contact information is accurate, the CRM system will do the work for you, and re-engage the sellers down the line so you can increase your chances of getting a deal done from the date provided from the batch skip tracing service.

Increase Your ROI

Batch skip tracing isn’t that expensive, all things considered. If you are marketing to a seller, and you are paying 10-15c per record, all it takes is 1 deal to turn into $10k or $20k, or even $30k or more! Consider your data cost only a fraction of that, your ROI (return on investment) is significant. This is another great advantage of batch skip tracing for real estate investing, the cost of the batch skip tracing of your seller lead list, and the potential profit you can make creates a very nice ROI, don’t you agree?

How to Use Batch Skip Tracing for Real Estate Investing 

It’s pretty easy, actually. It’s a rather simple process and starts with your data list. There are many different data providers out there, and as with anything, there are sources that provide cheaper, and more expensive data and neither are necessarily better than the other. So, be sure you use a quality lead list provider to source your lead list in the first place. A quality data provider will allow you to create a custom stacked list so you can be sure to target the group of sellers with precision. Once you have, they will provide you with the data, either in xlsx or csv format, then you take that data to your batch skip tracing provider, get your contact list and start marketing.

Simply Put, This is how it works:

  1. Build your Data List
  2. Skip Trace your list
  3. Get Your Results
  4. Market to homeowners
  5. Close Deals
So, just keep in mind… Data is important. Quality Data is even more important. So, be sure you are using a batch skip tracing service that provides accurate date so you can be sure to start your marketing off on the right foot, and increase your chances of closing more deals. Once you have the data, make sure you are using quality, and effective methods of marketing. If you do these two things, you are more than half way to getting more deals close, and it all starts with quality batch skip tracing for real estate investing.