Real Estate Websites That Work! With Minute Pages

Real Estate Websites That Work! With Minute Pages

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Inbound Marketing, Podcasts, Real Estate Investor Websites, Real Estate Websites, Real Estate Websites, SEO, Software, Wholesaling

Real Estate Websites and Real Estate Agent Websites With Minute:Pages are here!


When It Come to The Top Real Estate Websites, look no futher! With Minute Pages High level Real Estate Websites you can be sure you are utilizing the latest and greatest tech to grow your real estate businesses.

Sure, you’ve probably already heard about the most exciting part about Phase 2, which is our 10X Plan with our LeadStalk feature. This is something that we are so excited about. Because you know, it’s something that’s going to generate leads right away, it’s not something that you have to get to page one or pay per click to get RESULTS! We have exclusive Real Estate Websites that DELIVER without any of that, GUARENTEED!


This is something that you know, you can take typical everyday Real Estate websites, whether it’s Minute Pages real estate websites or not, gotcha covered, the lead soft features also going to be available for other websites, not just Minute Pages, websites, and you could just share that page out to your Facebook, your Twitter, your LinkedIn, you know, whatever you want to do to get eyes on it and clicks to it, you can email it out to your database of clients, subscribers, whatever it is that you do to generate, you know, incoming seller leads and incoming investments, you know, for you to acquire or to sell and list, that’s your thing you’re going to get leads at a 30 to 40% Higher clip than you’re typically getting them. So just keep in mind that the average website will perform at a 1.95% opt in or conversion rate to a 5%. If it’s a really good website, we’re talking numbers here 30 to 40%. So I know it’s hard to really fathom that this website can convert at such a high level, yet, you know, we’re gonna put our money where our mouth is, and let you test it out. And it’ll speak for itself. There’s no contracts, there’s nothing binding you to it. So test it out for yourself if you want to put your website to work and capitalize on all the people that are already stalking you anyway. And you could stalk them back with their name, email and address. And then you’ll be able to skip trace them right on the dashboard.

This is how you’re going to build your business quickly, more efficiently, and kind of uneven the playing field with your competition, especially if they’re not utilizing the software. So let me go ahead and share my screen here. Pop on and Minute Pages. Give it a whirl. Alright guys, here we go here. So we are showcasing my website here. So I’m going to go back to the dashboard. Give me a thumbs up, if you guys can see where I’m at. Let’s just double check. Perfect, it looks like we’re on the right page. Fantastic, guys, just let me know if you could see this perfect. Alright, thank you. So we’re going to go ahead and update you here on the latest feature. So I’m going to go to Manage website. Alright, now here’s one of the latest iterations I want to showcase is your lead management. Whenever you folks get a lead that comes in, we’re going to not only showcase to you what the name, email and address is, but where it came from. So for instance, here’s a lead that came into my website, November 6 2021. Obviously, this was a test. So let’s go back to another one real quick. Which I think this was a test website. But this is just an indicator of how it works. Right. So back to my lead management showcases all the leads right here. So this one right here.

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I told you, we were not going to tell you when it was going to come out I told you to get in because if you’re in you’re going to be grandfathered in at the $49 a month and you were going to get the lead stock feature with that stock into your upgrade on us. And now it’s $99 a month. So please don’t message me telling me I wish I would have because I told you many many times. Fortunately for you, this website is unlike any other website builder in existence today. Take my word for it. Let me put my money where my mouth is. I wish you would come and tell me that I’m wrong and prove me wrong because I’d like to learn that because so far it’s something like we’ve never seen before all All of us have been taking advantage of this lead stock feature.

You know, there’s so many people that want to do business with you, they want to reach out to you. They’re just not that personality profile, you know, if only you knew that they were interested, and you could just reach out to them. That’s probably a lot of preferences for a lot of people. Some people like to reach out themselves, but a lot of people they don’t, they like to be reached out to, especially if you’re connected in some way, shape or form. It’s hard to express interest sometimes. So this way, you’ll be able to see who’s interested, you may get their lead over and over again, especially if they’re visiting your website. So you can reach out to them say, Hey, man, I just wanted to reach out I know it’s been a while, is there anything I can do to help you out want to reconnect, how’s the family, you don’t have to tell them that you saw them stalking your website. There’s no need, just use it to your advantage. Right. Of course, you can tell them you got great technology, if you want to show that off. Be my guest. All right. Moving on, guys, we got the testimonials here. So you can upload that my images right there. So you can upload your images. This way, you can easily customize your website and make sure that it looks the way you want it to look. Moving on to more of the best practices.

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So let’s say I wanted to edit my page in my Minute Pages Real Estate Websites Dashboard, I would just go to Edit Page.
As we go to Edit page, it’ll take me to the front end of the website. So right here, I can go ahead and I can start editing my page, as you see here in the top left hand corner, you’re on the editor, so you can literally just click on it. And right here, I can just edit it right there. Okay. This is how you guys should be editing your page in real time to make sure things look the way that you want it to when the front end. Unlike a lot of other website builders, we are not going to make you build it on the back end, and then look at it on the front end to hopefully see if it reflects the way you want it to. We’re going to let you build it on the front end, to make sure that it’s exactly the way you want it to look, then we still give you the accessibility to go back into the backend SEO, and optimize keywords, the search engine, search engine optimization, the on page SEO, really getting into you know, any problems that you need to improve upon to get the on page SEO to really do what you want it to do to make that page rank before your said keyword Baltimore commercial property for sale. So just to give you guys an example of the way I do it, let’s go to Google. And let’s search this keyword you will see here is search 390 times per month.

Why would I want to be on page one for Baltimore commercial property for sale. Okay. So this is a site that I’m going to do work on here. And I’m going to get it to rank as my commercial business starts to starts to continue to build. Okay, switching back guys, going back here to the Minute Pages website, let’s go back to the dashboard. Very soon here, you’ll have the ability, once you have the name, the email and the address, you’ll have your own dashboard for your lead stock leads, it’ll be obviously going within your your lead management tool, it’ll be a feature that’s connected to that. If you’re not a Minute Pages subscriber and you have the lead sock feature. And that code installed in your own website, you’ll have your own private dashboard that you can manage the leads from. But this is a really cool way where you could just keep everything in one place and make sure that everything is integrated. And whether it’s via a web hook or Zapier integration with our custom API, you’ll have it linked directly to your client relations manager.

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So you’re not you know, just going through a spreadsheet, it’s organized, you have drip campaigns going out to these leads, which are also things coming soon to look out for that we’re going to be helping you guys with. Again, the my blogs, this is always an amazing feature to take advantage of. If you’re not, I highly recommend it, get a certain amount of blogs just for subscribing with us. And then of course you can upgrade schedule out your blogs to make sure they go out when you want them to. And then creating your own custom blogs as well as something that you guys are gonna want to do creating your own videos with your YouTube channel, you know, optimizing your YouTube video and then embedding it into your Minute Pages Real Estate Website. You know, what I would do is I would just go to Edit Site
go to SEO, because this will take you to the backend WordPress. And right here you guys see your pages. So you can click and build a new page real easily. Just like I just built that custom page Baltimore commercial property. So right here, here you go. All right. So listen, you have everything you really need. You know, you’ve got the ability to customize everything.

You’ve got the building to build new pages, you can add new blog posts right here, if you wanted to take a blog post and embedded into a new page right here, I could take this YouTube video right here, copy and paste this bad boy right here, boom, copy and paste. And I know we’ve done trainings on this before. But just copy and paste it. And then there it is. And then you got your own custom blog. Hopefully your partner doesn’t look like a ghost like mine. So you guys just wanted to hop one and just give you a good idea of you know, how awesome this technology is here. It’s at your fingertips, it’s giving you customizing ability to do everything you want on the backend, without the headache of what typical developers and you know coders do to build websites, build it on the front end, keep in mind the lead stock feature, whether you have a minute page website or not. That will be available for non website users in 30 days, your own private dashboard. I think there is a way to sign up for it right now. But just feel free to reach out if you guys have any questions. Okay, so let’s answer some questions here. How do you install lead? So great question. So there is directions when you sign up for lead stop on your own private website, that you can do it or we can do it for you. So send me a private message. If you don’t have the link, I’ll send you the link. The reason why I haven’t released the custom dashboard yet for non Minute Pages users is because it’s not complete.

We do have a landing page where we’ve seen some people buy Lead Stalk for their own real estate website, people I’ve recommended it to and shared it with so you may have to get that link for me. So feel free to send me a message. I can’t see your name, which is Facebook user. So sorry about that. Perfect. Okay. Yes, you’re straight. So it’s already installed. If you’re a Minute Pages user, it is already installed on your website. Especially if you were you know, a Pro Plan. Hey, Christine. Yes, you have it. You have it. Alright, cool. I’m excited to start sourcing seller multifamily leads me to just installed lead stock today. That’s awesome. I cool. Pete, thanks for checking in. I’m glad everybody could see everything. Alright, so I wanted to just kind of give them a flash of the software real quick. Here’s like a real quick market update. Here’s like what my prediction in my projection is right now. Okay, I think it’s never been as important to have a website and to create content.
Chris, what’s up brother? The Google Sheet No, dude, not yet. The dashboard will be finished within 30 days, I just talked to the partner. And he gave me the update on that. So I did share that custom link with you. So that’s awesome. Yeah, I think I share that with you. I don’t know how else you got that, because I can’t find that on the website.

So I’m pretty sure he shared a custom link with me, if you need it, I could share it with you guys. Just let me know. For now it is a spreadsheet. But it will be a dashboard, just like the Minute Pages dashboard is about to be hooked up, where you can see all the leads and manage them all hot, dead, lead, one, loss, whatever. Alright, so real quick, guys. And then I’m gonna wrap up because I like to keep a quick, it’s never been more important to have a website or multiple websites and create content and do your own keyword research. It’s too easy to not do this mistake again. And it’s too expensive to just leverage it out and let go of it completely without understanding it somewhat. I’ve had amazing conversations with some of my previous coaching clients, some of my digital media clients, some of you know, non Minute Pages, users and Minute Pages users. And the resounding theme of the ones that are being successful quickly are the ones that are trying to understand it as much as they can. And then seeing where they hit the roadblocks. And whenever they hit those roadblocks, they let go, they just completely will leverage it to somebody else that can do it, instead of just banging their head against the wall. So I just want to encourage you, if you’re hitting roadblocks, if you have any issues reach out, I’m always here to talk and support you. So your success is of the utmost importance. Without that they’re were of no importance.


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So I want to make sure that you guys get the leads from your real estate website that you’re looking for you to convert the leads, you convert them into contracts, signed listings, new acquisitions, for investments, etc. Alright, so right now with the market the way it is, and you know, you know, the dollar being valued the way it is, and that continuing to go down. Any opportunities, you get to invest in commercial or residential real estate to buy and hold it. And it’s a cash flow opportunity, and it’s priced well where you can win on the acquisition. Strongly Look at that. And then if you cannot acquire that with your own resources, look around your network and see who you’re able to partner with. And then utilize those resources and give opportunities where you can capitalize on your own. You give up to go up it’s like the staircase to success right And then with businesses and saying no, right? So business opportunities is something to look at businesses that make money, you want to continue to invest in businesses that make money. If you find opportunities to do that, take a look at it, examine it, because the value of $1 being generated every single day is going to be more valuable than your money just sitting in your bank account. Okay?

So the value of $1, you need to look at investing in businesses and real estate. Okay. Now, when it comes to, you know, monetizing your website, it’s going to take time, there’s no doubt about that. I can’t lie to you about that. It’s not going to happen overnight. But with this lead stop feature, if you share your blogs, share your URLs, you email your database, and you get a lot of activity, you’re going to see who’s talking you, you’re going to get 30 to 40% of those people sent to you via a spreadsheet, or via CRM with integration with your real estate website. So you can check them out, skip trace them, which is going to be on our dashboard, and then drip on them so you can start to convert. Um, any other questions, guys before I wrap up? I don’t want to get into too much today because my mouth will get me in trouble. All right, cool, guys. I’m going to go ahead and wrap up. Thank you all for tuning in today. And if you have any questions, reach out. We will see you on the next Tech Tuesday. And keep an eye out for some more things to roll out. I didn’t get into everything, but trust me. It’s worth the weight. Talk to you guys soon. Later.