Lead Generation Real Estate – Exclusive Real Estate Leads

Lead Generation Real Estate – Exclusive Real Estate Leads

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My name is Jonathan Kirk. I am the co-founding partner of Minute:Pages, minutepages.com. It’s lead sites and minutes to help the realtor and the investor create freedom and flexibility within their sales business, and create that lifestyle that everybody wants and desires but rarely get to really live and, and uh, enjoy. The lifestyle that most realtors and most investors want to live is that of freedom and that of flexibility where they’re not at every beck and call to their client or their teammates, or the process of the transaction, but one where they actually enjoy their lives. See, being in the real estate business for 10+ years, I’ve now lived both sides of that, of that spectrum. I’ve lived, you know, being super busy, running around like a chicken with his head cut off and never having quality time for the family. And now we’re able to really live the free life, which is where we create our own schedules, we control our own time. We’re not at the beck and call of trying to create new clients through trading our minutes in proportion to the business that we get. Now it’s about living a high quality lifestyle. So now more than ever, as a realtor, as an investor, we need to start creating authority online in the eyes of the biggest search engines in the planet, Google and YouTube. If not, we’re becoming slowly a commodity. We’re becoming, um, an afterthought. Because big tech is already here. They’re the dominant force. Those are the ones that show up as the authority online. But the game is there for the taking. Now it’s time, and now we’re able, to take this game back into our own hands. To, to bring it back into our own backyard. Because big tech, they’re over there in Silicon Valley, they’re over there in Washington, they’re not here in Maryland. They’re not here in Pennsylvania. They’re not here in our backyards. We are. We live here. We play here. We work here. We grew up here. Who can tell the story better than us of our own community compared to a big technology company that’s never (laughed) lived here? But right now, big technology’s winning the game. They’re the ones who are showing up on these local searches when people are typing in ‘sell my house fast Baltimore,’ or ‘realtors near me in Maryland. Why does Zillow show up? Why does big tech show up? Realtor.com. Because they’re going to then sell you your lead back to you for a referral fee. Big tech has no competitors. They’ve been playing a game, moving unrestricted, having no, no type of competitor to combat them, say, “Hey look, you know, you’ve got some competition in this, in this industry.” Now they do. Now they have some serious competition because we have the information at our fingertips now. We understand the internet now, which we never used to understand it before. And so we can combat them. We can beat them at their own game.

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