Real Estate Websites – Lead Generation Software

Real Estate Websites – Lead Generation Software

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The way Minute Pages works is really value through simplicity. We didn’t want to create something that was gonna make people bang their heads against the wall like I’ve had to do with other products. So, it’s very simple. The user interface is limited, but the back-end is very robust when it comes to the search engine optimization, the blogging capability, the hosting of the website, the secureness of the website. The fact that we partner with other state-of-the-art companies like GetEmails, which helps you receive 41 to 53% of unique visitor that visits without ever having them put in any information. So it works unlike any other technique or any softwares working currently, but it’s very simple.

The premise behind it is to blog your way to success. So it’s very simple. It’s blogging your way to success, lead sites in minutes, and people typing keywords into Google, “Sell my house fast.” Google sees that you’ve got Minute Pages websites with blog content that’s relevant to help people sell their house fast. That’s current, it’s original, so Google’s gonna go ahead reward you with that seller and connect them to Minute Pages website and then you make the transactions. This is the highest level of quality lead that’s out there. They’re exclusive. They’ve already done research on you, they can see your credibility, they see your website, your client testimonials. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest, this is one of the highest level quality leads you can get.

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