Real Estate Websites That Actually Work For YOU!

Real Estate Websites That Actually Work For YOU!

by | Sep 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Generate real estate wholesale leads with SEO (Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of optimizing a website to rank high (page 1) on Google and other popular search platforms like Bing and Yahoo. You’ve probably heard the term SEO, and even know what it is and/or have hired someone to run SEO for you (or tried it yourself), however the main issue with using SEO to generate real estate wholesale leads for motivated sellers is that most people who provide SEO services, know little (or not enough to be effective) about how to optimize a website for proper SEO  results.

SEO is Fluid. A proper SEO campaign takes 2-3 months to start seeing results, and requires continually optimizing your keywords, page content, blog postsanalysis of competitor websites, proper page title headings and sub-headingsmeta tag descriptions,alt text descriptionsbacklinks,internal linksexternal links, and a number of other techniques. to help you generate real estate wholesale leads.

The beauty of SEO, is that unlike PPC, when you stop paying for ads/keywords, your page will continue to rank well indefinitely and continue to generate real estate wholesale leads for months, and years to come. Sure, to keep your highest ranking, you will need to make the occasional tweak, however well-established domains with are hard, sometimes impossible, to outrank. Don’t you wish that was your site? Imagine knowing every day that your domain will come up top of page 1 in searches and generate leads, without lifting a finger or spending another penny. THAT is why SEO is so important, so why do people ignore it? Well, probably because they don’t understand that and think that SEO is magic and those who rank high sprinkle pixie dust on their computers, say a spell and voila! Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Pro- Tip:  Use a combination of short and long-tail keywords to generate real estate wholesale leads. Although each you may have one main SEO keyword phrase, using more than one keyword within a page or post will help your SEO rankings. Example: In this post I have used the term Generate Real Estate Wholesale Leads as well as motivated sellers and motivated seller leads. Although these are different keyword phrases, they are related and using both will help with overall ranking.


Transcribing Video Content for Higher Rankings

Want a real quick tip, so you can show up higher in Google rankings and YouTube rankings for the blogs that you’re posting to grow your real estate sales business? I’ve got a real quick tip for you guys. Go to,, and get your YouTube videos transcribed into written word. Then you take that transcription, you post it back into the body content description of your YouTube videos, so then YouTube and Google can then read it, because, again, Google doesn’t have ears. They don’t have eyes. They have crawlers that read the content for them. So, if there’s no transcript of content in there for them to read, they’re not going to be able to rank the content as well as they would otherwise.

Also, to take it a step further, you take your YouTube video, and then you take that embedded link and you put that into a brand new page on your real estate sales website, create a new blog post out of it, and then you transcribe that written word and put that into the blog post body of that blog post. Boy, Google’s going to read that a lot easier than they would if it wasn’t there, wouldn’t they?

Experience The best real estate websites & lead generation software on the planet!

With this software it is quite simple, you just Blog your way to Page 1 of google and youtube in less than 3 months without breaking the bank AT ALL! You will have to create some content, (Evergreen Content) and we can help with that! We are innovating what real estate lead generation companies are doing to create massive value for the real estate sales professional. This is Value At The Ground level, Where it Matters. We are realtors and real estate investors first here at MinutePages, and we cracked the code for creating freedom and fortune both at the same time while enjoying the ride to dominant authority online in our real estate sale businesses. Now it’s time to pay it forward.

Whether you are trying to create real estate leads for new agents, exclusive real estate leads, free real estate leads, real estate seller leads, or any hot exclusive real estate leads, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s get after it! 💥

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