Real Estate Websites That Generate Leads – Minute Pages

Real Estate Websites That Generate Leads – Minute Pages

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Experience The best real estate websites & lead generation software on the planet!

With this software it is quite simple, you just Blog your way to Page 1 of google and youtube in less than 3 months without breaking the bank AT ALL! You will have to create some content, (Evergreen Content) and we can help with that! We are innovating what real estate lead generation companies are doing to create massive value for the real estate sales professional. This is Value At The Ground level, Where it Matters. We are realtors and real estate investors first here at MinutePages, and we cracked the code for creating freedom and fortune both at the same time while enjoying the ride to dominant authority online in our real estate sale businesses. Now it’s time to pay it forward.

Whether you are trying to create real estate leads for new agents, exclusive real estate leads, free real estate leads, real estate seller leads, or any hot exclusive real estate leads, we’ve got you covered!

Blog Your Way To Freedom, The RIGHT Way

When People used to talk about blogging, that used to make me gloss over. What the heck is blogging? How do you blog effectively? The way you do it is by doing keyword research prior to creating your content, so that your content is actually found on Google. Google doesn’t have ears, Google can’t listen to you and see if your voice is pleasant or not and whether or not they want to take in your information. Google has crawlers that crawls the internet and reads the content on your pages that you post your information to on your websites. If it’s relevant, if it’s current, if it’s original and it has keywords that people are actually typing into Google. Like sell my house fast Boston, or Boston realtors, or Massachusetts realtors, then guess what, they’re going to be connected and rewarded by Google to those sellers, and those sellers going to have exclusivity, and you’re going to have exclusivity with that seller. It’s the highest quality lead you could ever experience, because they’ve already researched you, they’ve seen your videos, your testimonials on your websites and it’s just like taking candy from a baby at that point.


And then you continuously do that, you stay consistent with posting evergreen content with targeted keywords that you’re looking to rank for, if you are consistent, relevant, current and original with the content then Google will eventually reward you, and then all your business will come inbound instead of you having to be outbound prospecting. That comes with freedom, flexibility, predictability in your business, simplicity within the systems that we use ( , and more so consistency where I know where my next leads, investment homes and listings are coming from.

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